About Al-Fatah Fabrics 

Al-Fatah Fabrics is a subsidiary of Al-Fatah Textile Mills. Al-Fatah Fabrics online store is developed so that top-quality fabric from our textile mill can reach our customers door-step at factory price.
It is developed to give everyone the freedom of designing and styling their clothes their own way and that too at an unbeatable price. The fabric rates are kept at factory price so that the masses can afford the branded fabrics and make their own style statement.

History of Al-Fatah Textile Mills 

Al-Fatah Textile Mills was established in 2015 as a weaving unit intended to manufacture some of the most innovative fabrics in an era when embroidery and prints were the king. Al-Fatah Textiles introduced some extraordinary creative jacquard and dobby fabrics woven on state of the art looms. The brands were fed up with replicas and their products being copied at a quick speed, so we proceeded with the idea of textured fabrics which cannot be copied easily and our idea clicked, shifting the brands focus to innovative and value added fabrics instead of the regular ones. Today our client base includes most of the big brands and retailers linked to us directly or indirectly. Our target is to provide one stop solution to all the brands fabric needs and that’s what makes us versatile. We have a vast range in both Women and Men’s Fabric.